Muslims in York

There is one mosque in York (York mosque), and there are prayer rooms in the university.
I met all my Muslim friends in the mosque.
They are so nice and helpful.I thank Allah every day for knowing them.
The mosque activities are: a men’s halaqa, a women’s halaqa and a Quran school for children.
I share in the halaqa and the mother and toddlers’ group every week. I help in the Quran school and sometimes go to the jummah prayer.
In the university there is  an Islamic society. They worked hard to make an Islamic environment on the campus for Muslim students, like prayer rooms, halal food in the restaurants and doing all their activities easily like lectures, social meeting and trips.


Thank you

I want to say thank you to every one who has helped us since we arrived in York, especially our friends.

Thanks to Carol Pearman my teacher for helping and supporting us in everything we needed.

From the first day that she knew about us coming to York, she decided to host us without even knowing us.

Thanks to John Bibby and his son Kevin for helping us since we were in Gaza until we settled here.

Thanks to Misoon El-Gomati and her family for helping us to know everything about Muslim people in York.

We are so grateful, me and my husband Fadi, for all the lovely things that you are doing to help us enjoy ourselves in York.

Describe York

York is a green city full of many fruit trees, I like it very much.

There is a long river which passes through it, and it is full of many colored ducks.

There are a lot of cycle lanes in York, so some people called it cycle city.

York is old city full of historical places like a long wall, a castle, a very big museum garden, York Minster and The Shambles which is the oldest street in the city.

In York you will see a lot of people with different nationalities. They come to visit the historical places in the town.

The flat where we are living is very close to the city center but far from the university where my husband studies.

There are two universities. One of them is the University of York which is considered one of the best 100 universities in the world.

You can use taxis, buses, bikes or you can walk from one place to another in the city.

We usually walk to most places in the city, because the Public transport is very expensive.

Finally, it’s wonderful to travel and visit new cities in your life. This will change your life and make you full of energy.

In addition there is extra learning, meeting new friends, working, and killing boredom and routine.

However I love Palestine, I love Gaza It’s my home and my family, friends and everything I like are there.

Inshallah I will come back when this journey ends.